Our Mission

Charles Gladfelter of Hanover is York county’s social philanthropy organization that helps people in local communities to improve their way of life. Our team is committed to fulfilling the objective of philanthropy and charity by creating strategies and events that benefit the people.

We clearly understand the local issues that may affect in providing the right solution for different kinds of charity needs. It helps us focus the growing needs of the community.

Life-long commitment

Since the concept and development of this organization, we decided to provide a long-term commitment to the community. We know that helping is a continuous process that elders should pass it on to their children.

We promise that as the years go by, we’ll keep our life-long commitment to the future generation. But we’re hoping that we can lift them from poverty so they could experience a happy life.

Careful monitoring and evaluation

We’re thankful to the network of donors we have on our list. They never fail to help us in improving an individual’s life. As our payback to their generous act, we ensure that we carefully monitor and evaluate all donations and give it to the appropriate people. We value our donor’s resources so we keep track all the financial aspects of this organization.

Increase the number of grants awarded

Similar to private institutions, we want this organization to expand in scope. We want to increase the number of grants awarded so many people can benefit. We do it by partnering with donors who understand the local issues because they have the same passion as what we have. We find the people who can help us for the long term.

We want this charity to help many individuals to improve their lives. So when their life improves, they can help their family.

Mobilize local resources

We involve individuals who want to join the charity community. We also involve the local resources and mobilize them when needs arise. We want to have a giving community by building bridges between the people who can give and people who need help.

At Charles Gladfelter of Hanover, we’re not only improving lives but we find people and other organizations to help in improving an individual or a family’s life. We connect the needy people to the givers.

We inspire!

In our organization, one of our goals is to inspire the local community as well as the donors. For the local community, we ensure that we give them hope and uplift their spirit so they can earn back their confidence. We believe that if we lift someone up by boosting their confidence, they can be able to help themselves and be bold in facing the challenges that come their way.

We also inspire the donors by providing them a transparent report for every charity work we offer. We want them to see the fruit of their labors. It’s an emotional reward that even fortune can’t replace. So, we ensure that we provide transparent reports to avoid confusion.

Contact Us to Learn More

Charles Gladfelter Hanover Philanthropist

210 Krug Avenue

Hanover PA 17331

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