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How You Can Help Make a Difference Everyday in 3 Simple Ways

A lot of things can happen within a day. While many do not realize it, every action we do to other people around us can go a long way. This is especially for the people who really need the help to keep them moving forward: the needy on the streets. It’s hard not to notice them on the streets with cardboard-signs and cups waiting to be filled with spare change. We don’t exactly need to go to charity centers to help them. While you can join one like the Charles Gladfelter Hanover Philanthropy, here are simple ways we can add to your daily routine while being able to do so. Need help? You can check these 3 simple steps.

  • Less is more


Be it clothes or food, whenever you have extras that you probably won’t consume, it would be great to donate them instead. Take a look at your drawers, cabinets, and closets. Do you still wear everything in there? If not, maybe it’s time to do some cleanup. While it no longer has any use for you, it can mean a lot to others. Cleaning up can even get you more room space. Pack your old clothes and give it to the less fortunate. Similarly, for food, if you come out of a restaurant having some leftovers, you may want to feed the people on the streets. This works even better for the people having a hard time following a diet. If you’re used to eating a lot, you can cut your meals and give the rest to those who have none. Whatever resource it may be, you can utilize them by being a Charles Gladfelter Hanover Philanthropist.

  • Support small businesses


Everyone loves internationally-branded things. But have you ever tried supporting the smaller and lesser known brands? These small businesses have people who are working hard despite having a huge competition with these big brands. For these people, this business is their life and if they can’t get enough funding, they might as well go bankrupt. They may not be the best in the field but it does not hurt to try them every once in awhile. It also does not exactly have to be a “business” per se. It could be a simple stall that someone put up. If you’re a business owner yourself, you can even try hiring people who may be under qualified but are hardworking.

  • Check everything and everyone around you


While walking to work or to school, try to notice the things that happen.  There are people possibly doing the same routine as you. And you know how routines can definitely be tiring having to do the same thing every day. Try to be a more proactive citizen spotting ways to help people. Open the door for someone carrying a lot of things, pick up trash along the way to help street sweepers, help the elderly cross the street; all these small things affect the people you help whether they realize it or not.

Funnily enough, these are even the things that all of us are taught in elementary. People just seem to overlook how these acts of kindness. If you catch someone’s eyes, just smile and greet them a good day. Smiling is contagious and if you don’t believe it, try doing it on someone. Besides, needy people do not always need the physical things like money. Most of the times, they might just need a little emotional support, some encouragement. Life is already hard as it is; let’s try making it better.

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